Your own supermarket online within 2 days!

Your Turkish, Surinamese, Moroccan or Polish supermarket too, can reach a larger public. You too, can benefit from the opportunities of online ordering, without having to make any major investments. You too, can generate more online sales with your ethnic products and attract new customers. Because the Didiyo e-commerce platform and the Didiyo app are made especially for you!


  • Promote your shop and product range through the Didiyo platform
  • Your customers can buy directly from you through the Didiyo app
  • E-commerce made simple and affordable
  • Your supermarket is online within 2 days

Our message: you supply the products, we deliver the customers

E-commerce attracts new customers, more purchases and a growing proportion of sales revenue. The large supermarket chains and delivery services have known this for a long time already. What’s more, the selection of ethnic products offered by the large food retailers is also expanding. Often, independent, locally-operating supermarket entrepreneurs lack the investment power and the expertise to offer their customers an attractive online alternative.

That is about to change. Didiyo is helping ethnic grocery stores to take the step towards becoming a full-grown e-commerce. Your supermarket too, can become an omnichannel market. Together, we make ordering, paying and delivering groceries easy, and boost your online sales!

Win-win business model

Didiyo is your partner and provides all the support you need for developing and marketing your online supermarket. This is how you can successfully bring your shop and products to the attention of a new target group. The more traffic in your online shop, the more traffic in our app. A win-win business model!

The experts in retail and e-commerce

The design of the Didiyo platform allows you to quickly and easily put your product range online. The Didiyo app ensures that orders and payments are handled securely and in a customer-friendly way. As experts in retail and e-commerce, we take care of implementing the platform for you and we are constantly offering new ways to further improve your visibility and sales.

You are the specialist, so are we 

Didiyo focuses on Turkish, Surinamese, Moroccan and Polish supermarket entrepreneurs. Each have their own selection of specialities, which sets them apart from the large supermarket chains. Your customers won’t need to leave the house for those products anymore. What’s the result? Convenience for your customers, more revenue for you.

From your online supermarket straight to the front door

Didiyo makes grocery shopping more enjoyable and so much easier. Your customer shops in your online shop using the Didiyo app, pays, and decides where and when you will deliver the order. It works like this:

1. Select the location and shop

Your customer first downloads the Didiyo app, enters their address and finds your store

2. Scroll through the product range

Your customer fills their shopping basket with your products and pays simply and securely with iDeal or a credit card.

3. Delivery within a selected time frame

You receive their order. Next, you deliver the groceries to your customer’s address and within the selected time frame.

Didiyo, the way to go

Today’s consumers prefer the convenience of online shopping. This increasingly applies to their daily grocery shopping too. Increase the visibility of your ethnic supermarket, attract new customers and take advantage of e-commerce opportunities with Didiyo!

Increase your online sales

Generate more sales with your online shop! We will help you with the Didiyo app and effective marketing campaigns.

Increased spending

The average spending per customer will increase, thanks to the minimum order amount.

Better visibility, better findability

With the Didiyo app, you get to open up a new branch: your own online supermarket. And delivery is done on a Didiyo e-scooter, electric tuk-tuk or by your own means of transport.

No major investments

You won’t need to invest in your own software and you get to use a unique platform.

Trusted partner

Didiyo is a trade name that of Realapps B.V. We are proud to be a trusted partner to national and international retail chains, mail order companies, and warehouses.

We have a team of IT specialists, marketeers, retail advisors, and logistics service providers which we can utilise to build up your success together.

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